Price: £250 per session
Duration: Approx. 2 hours
Suitable for: Maximum 15 students per session
Days: Tue 2-4pm, Wed 11am-1pm or 2-4pm, other days and times can be arranged on request

Our exercise physiology workshops allow students to learn about their health, the sciences and human performance in a hands-on way.

They can experience and participate in demonstrations of energy systems testing or investigate how their hearts, lungs and muscles function during exercise. They can learn about responses to exercise and training, how to assess general health and take a hands-on look at how science can be used to improve the performance of our top athletes. 

The types of workshops that we offer are:

  • Maximum oxygen uptake and lactate threshold workshop
  • Cardio-respiratory and energy expenditure during exercise
  • What makes a top sprint athlete a great spring athlete?
  • Tailor-made workshops that match your syllabus

Download our brochure (PDF) below for more information about each workshop.

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Dr Bradley Elliott
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E: [email protected]

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