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Skills to help start, grow and build your business

The department of life sciences is home to a confident and enterprising community of researchers, practitioners and academics. As a research and results-driven institute, we have a long history of successful business collaboration and are always looking for opportunities to trade expertise and engage with business for social and commercial benefit.

Strengthening enterprise

The University of Westminster provides practical, technical and research-based expertise to a range of UK businesses. Our academics offer consultancy services and training, while our business partners and dedicated departments are committed to developing an institution-wide culture of entrepreneurial awareness.

Case studies

Kensington and Chelsea NHS Trust: Beating Back Pain

To find out how our experience and expertise can benefit your business, please contact:

James Chappell
Business Development Manager
T: +44 (0)20 3506 4113
E: [email protected]

Our expertise

Health and Wellbeing

Finding new ways to improve clinical outcomes and cut the cost of healthcare.

We have a track record of successful partnerships with healthcare providers, delivering projects aimed at the early intervention of long-term conditions.

  • We’ve recently collaborated with Kensington and Chelsea NHS Trust to offer new treatment strategies to long-term back pain sufferers and help support the NHS.
  • The Faculty of Life Sciences also has two state-of-the-art laboratories dedicated to analysing all aspects of fitness, exercise and training.

Take a look at the lab.

Diagnostics and Biomarkers

Finding new ways to improve the diagnosis of disease.

The University of Westminster is working to build business partnerships and help industry access our leading research and expertise in disease diagnostics.

  • We’re currently developing a number of prototype diagnostic ELISA-based tests, in areas such as breast cancer, oral cancer, diabetes,and cardiovascular health.
  • The newly established  Westminster Genomics Services (WGS), offers the latest technological breakthrough in the field of DNA sequencing. Powered by the semiconductor Ion Torrent™ Personal Genome Machine (PGMTM). WGS offers rapid turnaround Next Generation Sequencing with reliable results, the fastest turnaround times and competitive pricing.


Improving the technology for biological products and optimising environmental bioprocesses.

The University of Westminster’s research in the field of bio-products is as relevant as it is respected. We are dedicated to continuing with our track record of successful knowledge sharing by building new professional relationships and progressing our current business partnerships.

Find out more by visiting our Applied Biotechnology research site.

Healthy fruit and vegetables

Nutrition and health services

The University offers nutrition consultancy services that can be customised to meet the requirements of both individuals and groups.

Students on the exercise bicycles following the instructor

Fitness services

The University of Westminster has a team of qualified sports scientists to give comprehensive advice on all aspects of fitness.