Faith and spirituality

We are committed to embracing diversity and promoting equality among our students and are proud of our diverse international community of students with their religious and other beliefs or non-beliefs.

We recognise that ethnicity and culture are not indicative of religion or belief and that all religions have a variety and range of doctrines, which may reflect different values and customs. Fair treatment involves taking difference into account, not treating everyone the same.

The right to religious freedom means that no one should be forced to act against their convictions nor restrained from acting in accordance with their convictions in religious matters in private or in public or in association with others. This right to religious freedom is given recognition through this code of practice.

We aim to provide a respectful environment for students and staff to celebrate and give external expression to their particular beliefs. In turn, students and staff must also respect the opinions and human rights of others, showing sensitivity and respect for the opinions of others when giving expression to a belief either individually or in association.

In the spirit of embracing diversity, we provide both multi-faith quiet rooms and Muslim prayer rooms. For more details, visit our Facilities and activities page.

For more information on equality, diversity and inclusion at the University, visit the Equality and diversity page.

Faith and spirituality advisers

We have advisers from many religions with links to local communities in London. Advisers are available to anyone of any faith, offering hospitality and non-judgemental support, and providing pastoral care and spiritual counsel in times of ease or crisis. The advisers specialise in giving appropriate guidance through conversation or contemplation.

Advisers can also offer guidance whenever the academic calendar, timetable or assessments come into conflict with religious festivals.The Interfaith Adviser co-ordinates the team, enhances interfaith dialogue, and also provides specific support on Muslim issues. He also provides pastoral care and is available to do so out of hours too.

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