Lessons for Sustainable and Resilient Reconstruction in War-Damaged and Disaster-Affected Areas, with Case Studies from Japan and Palestine.

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Working in post-disaster arenas around the world, while facing added complications of climate change and ongoing conflict, is recognised as an urgent issue that needs to be addressed. Much international effort has gone into developing generic knowledge to deal with the emergency, post-crisis situation, and increasingly with longer term recovery, reconstruction and ongoing risk reduction. What has been critically missing is the focus on the physical and cultural context of places where disasters occur, aspects which are key if the post-crisis response is to contribute to truly sustainable development.

This is a one-day short course covering a range of issues, including how to ‘read’ a place and map its physical, social and cultural assets; the role of organisations and communities in reconstruction; the role of history, everyday culture and memory in reconstruction; the role of local skills and technology in reconstruction; and participatory techniques and who should be involved.

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