Ruth Sacks, Senior Lecturer at Westminster Business School, comments on the current scenario of women in board-level roles.

According to the article, although the proportion of women on boards is slowly increasing in large companies, the number of women in executive roles is still rather small.

On average 60-80% of executive leaders are promoted internally, usually taking 10-12 years for them to work their way up to senior roles. This poses a problem for women, as career breaks (for child-rearing or other purposes) can hinder this process.

In an interview with The Guardian and HR Magazine, Ruth Sacks explains how women can climb the career ladder more successfully, and introduces the University of Westminster's new executive development programme Women for the Board, designed to encourage women to move into board-level roles by facilitating their development of skills, knowledge and confidence.

Find out more about Ruth's articles on The Guardian and HR Magazine websites.


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