Dr Ioannis Christodoulou, Senior Lecturer in Business Strategy at Westminster Business School, comments on the role of the middle manager, in an article for QS Top MBA.

MBAs – prospective, studying, or degree holding – are an ambitious demographic.

The 2013 QS TopMBA Applicant Survey showed that 43.2% of surveyed MBA applicants saw themselves as a CEO or director of a large company in a decade’s time. However, according to the survey, there are a few steps on the career ladder that will have to be negotiated first - namely ones that fall into the category of middle manager.

According to Dr Ioannis Christodoulou, “Like it or not, the middle manager is a crucial part of the contemporary business world. Unique attention should be paid to them as a totally crucial workforce inside an organisation. They are the agents and the victims of change since they are 'crushed in the middle'".

Read the full article at the QS Top MBA site.

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