Dr Ruth Sacks, Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Development at Westminster Business School and course leader of the Women for the Board programme, has commented in a recent article by The Independent, unpicking the City's reluctant attitude towards rewarding women with senior leadership positions.

Dr Sacks states in the article, titled ‘After Véronique Laury, just what is the City’s problem with women?’, that she has found differing opinions about the issue among students from around the world. She also mentioned that British female undergraduates might not be fully prepared to compete in the international executive job market, believing that one key reason for this is a lack of engagement by women in organised sports earlier in life.

She says that "We have more managers than leaders in the UK", rather than American women, who are "taught to not be afraid of coming forward."
Dr Sacks is quoted as saying "the US is better at encouraging women into sport at a young age" and she believes that this experience is helpful in preparing women for "competition and leadership."

Read the full article at The Independent website.

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