On 9 September 2017 Westminster Law School and Westminster Business School hosted ‘Opportunities and Challenges for Managing Legal Services: Making Legal Tech Succeed for You’, the first in a series of Law and Business Professional Workshops.

Following a series of events organised by Westminster Law School and the Centre on the Legal Profession on Technology and the Law, Dr Paresh Kathrani, Dr Steven Cranfield and Federica Oradini have devised a series of professional workshops on the subject of  managing technological change within the legal profession.

The first industry workshop sought to address issues such as how AI driven legal tech will disrupt legal environments and examined different strategies for addressing change. Dr Kathrani explained the conventional role of law firms, looking at business plans, and how different types of technology affect those plans and Dr Cranfield spoke about the application of various integrated models that organisations use in adapting to rapid and slow transformation. Ms Oradini used digital technology to facilitate and unify the workshop.

The workshop was organised as an introduction to a new university-wide hub that will be based at Westminster Law School. The hub will bring together a range of experts from across a number of different departments and faculties, including Westminster Law School, Westminster Business School, the Department of Computer Science and the Communication and Media Research Institute as well as external colleagues from a diverse number of fields.

The hub experts will work together to explore the broader regulatory issues that the increased use of technology is likely to bring. Members of the hub, including Michael Butterworth, Associate at Kemp Little, Joanna Goodman, IT Columnist, and Chrissie Lightfoot, Author and CEO and co-founder of AI Tech Support Ltd have already made a submission to a recent House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence call for evidence.

Further details of the hub and its events will be announced soon. Please contact Dr Paresh Kathrani for further details. Please see the #urobotwm on twitter for a timeline of Westminster Law School legal tech events.

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