MusicTank, the independent music think tank at the University of Westminster, partnered with Record-Play to publish its seventh music industry publication entitled “Unlocking the Sync”.

‘Unlocking the Sync’ is written by Eamonn Forde, who completed his PhD at the University of Westminster, alongside Kier Wiater Carnihan of music consultancy Record-Play. The free ePublication has two parts for different audiences: one focusing on independent music makers and the other focusing on corporate music users. It offers insight into both sides of licencing deals, music, and the perception of the other side.

Kier Waiter Canihan said: “With Unlocking the Sync, we hope to illuminate that world and help educate musicians so that every decision they make is one that aligns with their own values and ambitions.”

MusicTank works independently to provide cross industry research and open debate to provoke change within the evolving music industry. They organise events, focus on media commentary, research focused published papers and consultancy.

Jonathan Robinson, Programme Director or MusicTank, said: “With traditional core revenue streams in continued sharp decline, musicians and rights holders are necessarily having to look to other sources of revenue to sustain their careers and businesses. Synchronisation and brand engagement are increasingly seen as an essential part of artist and label core strategy, and as such this guide fills a gap in the armoury of the independent music maker whose focus is necessarily considerably wider than simply ‘putting some music out there’.”

MusicTank is hosting a follow-up event to the eBook – ‘When Sound Meets Image’. It aims to explore the relationship between music and image with a collection of experts in music, cinema, advertising and science. It is to be hosted at the Regent Street Cinema on 22 January.

Read “Unlocking The Sync: A band’s guide to brands, and a brand’s guide to bands”.

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