In the Research Assessment Exercise 2008 eighty five percent of Westminster Law School's research was judged to be international quality, with thirty five percent of that containing areas of international excellence.

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Westminster built on its top '5' rating in the 2001 exercise, based on a submission of 9 staff, by submitting 28.60 staff this time around. 

Sixty seven law schools from all over the United Kingdom submitted staff in the RAE and only twenty institutions submitted more than Westminster in Law. The Law School was placed 38th in the UK in the Guardian league table on the quality profile alone. This ranking takes no account of the number of staff submitted. Many Law Schools submitted a lower proportion of their staff and got a higher average. However, the result means that Westminster Law School should improve its funding position when the allocation formula is announced in March. It is strongly placed to build on its growing reputation for quality research.

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