The University of Westminster’s Environmental Society have distributed sustainable care packages to staff and students to help them cope during lockdown.


Students in the Environmental Society, including Society President Dain Son, got inspiration to offer support to the Westminster community during lockdown upon seeing a tweet from a student struggling with self-isolation. Resultingly, the Society wanted to find a way that they could use their resources they had available to help. 

The Society gathered purchased items that were no longer being used for activities to collate as gifts for the Westminster community in the form of a care package. The word was spread through email and social media, with support from the Students’ Union President Ibrahim Alzaid and many other staff members. Upon reaching out to students and staff, the Society have received almost 50 requests for a care package.

The package included poppy seeds harvested by the President of the Society, as well as seed pencils, small pots, loose leaf tea and herbs and spices. The herbs and spices are accompanied with three easy fermentation recipes donated by Anna Drozdova to give recipients activities to undertake during isolation. Each of the care packages also included some soil for potting for those who do not have access and some chocolate as an extra treat.

Environmental Society President Dain Son said: “We received messages and photos from some students that have already received the packages and it’s been so rewarding and fulfilling. It’s been such a privilege to be able to help our Westminster community that I love so much, and I hope that this will have lifted the spirits of those who have been struggling with the lockdown.”

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