The University of Westminster’s disLAB hosted a presentation of Future Aleppo to discuss the role of new media as an agent for social change.

The event, which was held on 24 November, was well-attended by 250 students, scholars and industry practitioners. The producer of ‘Future Aleppo’ Alex Pearson was joined by award-winning journalist Waad Alkataeb to discuss their work, which worked in harmony to create the VR experience.

Future Aleppo is based on the incredible work of Mohammed Kteish whose determination to preserve his beloved home city of Aleppo saw him salvaging whatever materials he could to construct a paper-crafted version of the besieged city. Virtual reality allowed the creators to build worlds and illustrate their conversations, as well as to own plans to rebuild Aleppo and to share them with others.

‘disLAB presents...’ is a monthly event organised by the team leading the Digital and Interactive Storytelling LAB MA course aimed to bridge the gap between industry and universities. disLAB is to challenge the use of digital media to make exciting storytelling through being creative in becoming storytellers of the future.

Students from disLAB are producing bodies of work using the ‘disLAB presents…’ events as content and influence, producing digital articles and podcasts about the issues and topics that arise. The events approach the topic through inviting different media types into the conversation.

For more details on Future Aleppo, please visit its website.

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