The event ‘Towards 2018 Zimbabwe Elections: Democratic Challenges and Opportunities’ was held on Friday 15 June at the Regent Street Campus.

The event, hosted and organised by the African Media Centre, based in the University of Westminster’s Centre for Education in Arts and Media (CREAM) and the Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI), analysed the democratic challenges and opportunities in the upcoming elections in Zimbabwe.

Organiser Dr Winston Mano, Director of the Africa Media Centre and Reader and Course Leader of the Media and Development MA course, brought together journalists, researchers, campaigners, and academics to discuss the mixture of hopes and dreams amongst Zimbabweans. Alphonce Shiundu, a student from the Media and Development MA course covered the event.  

In particular, the group discussed the independence of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, the consequences of having 23 presidential candidates, the risk for another military intervention amid uncertainty following the 2017 events, as well as the role of the youth and Zimbabweans living abroad.   

The panel was chaired by Chofamba Sithole, Journalist and Human Rights Campaigner, and included Ethel Tambudzai, Charity Director and Vice President of the University of Westminster Students’ Union; Arnold Chamunogwa, Doctoral Candidate for the Oxford Department of International Development; Ibbo Mandaza, Executive Director of the SAPES Trust; Lloyd Msipa, Founder and Director of the Africa Public Policy Research Institute (APPRI); and Academic and Activist George Shire.

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Cover picture: From left to right: Lloyd Msipa, Chofamba Sithole, Dr Ibbo Mandaza, Ethel Tambudzai, (speaking) and Arnold Chamunogwa - Photos credit: Alphonce Shiundu.

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