The ‘Westminster Working Cultures’ programme held their first trip to Hong Kong, providing students with the opportunity to visit and experience working life in the fast-paced city. 

From 18-25 June, 14 students from the Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment visited Hong Kong where they undertook a combination of work shadowing, seminars and workshops as well as cultural trips around the city offered by the University of Westminster’s Alumni and Outward Mobility Teams.

This trip was made possible with funding from the Quintin Hogg Trust, the University of Westminster Distant Horizons Awards and the generous support of Westminster alumni living in Hong Kong.

The students got the chance to meet with Westminster alumni now working for reputable companies in Hong Kong, including AEDAS, Lead 8, PDP, FTI Consulting, Jones Lang La Salle, DesignAlign Ltd.

The programme also offered students cultural trips, including visiting the The Peak and HK Island, Night Markets and Stanley.

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Westminster Interior Architecture student Lilli Tretter, who went to Hong Kong, spoke about her trip: “It was a fantastic experience and a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend going on a trip with the Westminster Working Cultures programme. Being able to meet a Westminster alumni that far away from England was very exciting. It makes you realise that Westminster can take you anywhere with success.”

A second ‘Westminster Working Cultures’ trip to Hong Kong will take place in September 2017 and will be open to students from all faculties.

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