The University of Westminster has been awarded maximum funding by the British Council to help develop collaborative partnerships with two universities in Thailand.

Prince of Songkla University, one of the new partner institutions, was the first university established in Southern Thailand. The partnership will allow students from Prince of Songkla University to complete their final year in computer science subjects at the University of Westminster, with success leading to progression to one of our Master’s degrees.

The other university is Kasetsart University, which is one of the oldest in Thailand. The partnership is with the biosciences department, with a new double doctoral degree in biotechnology being developed. The students will study at both Kasetsart University and at the University of Westminster, with joint research publication a high priority.

The two universities were handpicked by the Thai government and the British Council for being high-status research institutions.

Speaking about the partnership, Patrick Lees, Director of International and Collaborations in Westminster’s Faculty of Science and Technology, said: "The Faculty of Science and Technology winning both the awards we sought from this call [British Council TNE Seed Funding] is recognition of the University's international standing and the effectiveness of team-working since the visit to south-east Asia led by Professor Alexandra Hughes, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Global Engagement in September 2015 and long-standing success of Westminster Business School and the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment’s activities in Thailand.

"Winning these awards cements the relationships with these Thai universities both symbolically, with the high-profile signing ceremony, and practically through the funding. Professor Taj Keshavarz and I will immediately have several opportunities to build the necessary relationships with our Thai academic counterparts."

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