University is about more than just getting a degree. You will also have plenty of opportunities to broaden your horizons, grow as a person, and make a difference in the world.

Volunteering – freely giving up some of your time to do unpaid work that helps other people, your local community or the environment – is a great way to do just that.

Perhaps you’ve always felt drawn to do something to help the homeless, or give your time to make a difference to isolated older people in the community, but just didn’t know how to begin. To get you started (if you are not already involved in volunteering in some capacity) we would like to invite you along to our Volunteering Fair on Wednesday 24 February at 12-3pm, in Fyvie Hall, Regents Campus.

At the fair, you will get a chance to speak face-to-face with charity representatives to gain advice and information that may not be available on their websites. We have a range of exhibitors from charities including Jewish Care, MS Society, Chinese Information and Advice Centre, Young Peoples Law Service, and many more. Please have a look at the full list of exhibitors, mark the ones of interest and also read our blog post on How to Prepare for Careers Fairs.

Apart from developing your professional skills and making you stand out from other candidates at job interviews, volunteering is also a great way to meet different people that you may not normally meet, and make new friends. You also get a feel-good factor knowing you have made a difference to someone, however big or small: Elaine Tan (BSc Multimedia Computing with Foundation student) was involved with the Digital Challenge and she said ‘It was a very special feeling every time I helped someone discover something new in a computer.’

Being actively involved in a charity also creates a sense of connectivity with the community. Ronak Maniar (MSc Science and Technology student) volunteered as a Children’s Department Volunteer with his faith community and had this to say: ‘Doing community work is something you are doing for your own satisfaction, but not just for your own benefit. It’s for you and for your community.’

Find out more about volunteering on our volunteering page, and don’t forget, you can also book in for a session to speak to the Volunteering Coordinator using Engage.

Come along to the Volunteering Fair, get stuck in and discover what volunteering has in store for you. More often than not, you will be pleasantly surprised by the people whose life you can positively touch and be touched by. It is a sure way to add another dimension to your life here and start a journey that will undoubtedly remain in your memories for a very long time after graduation.

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