Radha D’Souza, Associate Professor of Law and Development at the University of Westminster took part in an international television debate on Al Jazeera’s ‘Inside Story’ on the 21 September 2012.

India's coalition government faces political turmoil over new economic reforms approved last month.  The plan includes opening up the country's aviation and lucrative retail sectors to international investors.  The reform plan sparked nationwide strikes supported by opposition parties and trade unions who say the move is a "betrayal of democracy.”

Inside Story asked: “Are these reforms a shot in the arm for India's troubled economy? Is the political fallout likely to overwhelm the shaky coalition that rules the country? And what are the motives behind this new series of retail reforms in India?”

Joining presenter Darren Jordan to discuss these issues were guests: Chetan Sharma, an independent financial analyst; James Mayner, a professor of commonwealth studies at the University of London; and Radha D'Souza, an associate professor of law and development at the University of Westminster.
Radha practiced as a barrister in the High Court of Bombay and taught at the Universities of Auckland and Waikato in New Zealand before coming to University of Westminster. She is also a freelance writer and social justice activist.

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