The University of Westminster’s Talent Bank team held its first community event encouraging students, staff and professional speakers to network with one another. 

The event was an excellent opportunity for students to connect with professionals, learn new skills and be inspired by graduates who have been employed through the Talent Bank scheme. The aim of the event was to improve current students’ participation in the Talent Bank activities, equip them with extra skills to increase their employability skills and, at the same time providing students with the information they need on how to get a job through Talent Bank.

The programme of the day included team building activities as well as ‘Learn a new skill’ workshops led by staff and students employed through the Talent Bank scheme. Workshops ranged from sessions on Public Speaking, and Creative Writing to CV writing and on understanding how LinkedIn works.

Students also had the opportunity to hear from inspiring entrepreneurial speakers Nick Hughes and Umesh Kumar.

Speaking about the event, one Talent Bank student said:

“It was a great opportunity working for Talent Bank – the best part of Uni”.

Over the past year Talent Bank has received 824 student applications. More than 539 students have gone through Talent Bank, and 342 positions have been filled.

Speaking about the day, Talent Bank community event organiser and Employer Engagement and Enterprise Coordinator for the University’s Career Development Centre, Alessandra Lauria, said:

“Providing a platform where students can learn more about themselves, enhance their professional skills and networking with different industries, from corporate to start-ups, is what I love doing. And seeing this happening at the University of Westminster makes me very happy. The University of Westminster is definitely the place for a student to develop and get ready to work”.

The University of Westminster’s Talent Bank gives students the opportunity to apply for paid temporary and part-time vacancies across all campuses and various departments within the University of Westminster as well as with external local employers. 

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