University of Westminster Contemporary Media Practice BA Honours students Rebecca Graham and Emilie Dubois' new web series 'Dance4MeTV' was recently announced the winner of the Raindance WebFest Dailymotion Web Series Pilot competition.

Dance4MeTV centres on the daily lives of eight dancers in London - their rehearsals and live performances, as well as their interpersonal relationships. According to Rebecca, the show "isn't a documentary, it is a hybrid media genre, called 'dramality', combining drama and reality. It's Step Up meets Made in Chelsea".

The competition prize consists of £2,500 to put towards the production costs of the web series, the use of Dailymotion editing suites in Paris and promotional help and advice from both Raindance and Dailymotion.

Rebecca and Emilie have also launched a crowd-funding campaign, hoping to raise £11,000 through Indiegogo to get Dance4MeTV off the ground.

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