A group of Westminster students, part of the Westminster Business Consultants (WBC), the junior enterprise consultancy at the University of Westminster, attended the biggest European junior enterprise event, the Junior Association of Development within Europe (Jade) spring event, where they were shortlisted in the most international junior enterprise category.

Westminster Business Consultants is the junior enterprise within the University of Westminster, founded in 1995. It is solely managed by students focuses on the development and maintenance of a learning environment that challenges and inspires other students to work with increasing confidence, dynamism and ability. The WBC takes academic theory and applies it to the world of business and

Students from the WBC had the opportunity to attend the biggest junior enterprise event (JADE) in Brussels in March 2017. JADE is an umbrella organisation of more than 300 student run businesses across 200 universities in fourteen member countries.

This year’s edition was on the theme of “Co-creating the Future – celebrating the past, acting today, shaping our tomorrow”. The event included conferences delivered by key note speakers such as Andrey Novakov, member of the European Parliament, as well as the Brazil’s ambassador, and organised workshops and networking sessions with JADE’s partners such as Nike and Covestro.

Rebecca Cooper, student in International Business with Chinese and Senior Consultant in the Business Development department of WBC took part of the event and said: “Taking part of JADE experience was a great opportunity to meet aspiring professionals”.

Assma Terbagou, a student on the International Business with French course described what attending the JADE conference was like: “It was amazing to see so many students from all over Europe and ambassadors from America and Brazil involved on the Junior Entrepreneur movement. I it was wonderful to be part of JADE conference as we see the importance of being proactive”

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