The Centre for Parallel Computing (CPC), in collaboration with the Cyber Security Research Group from the Faculty of Science and Technology, will conduct a new European project entitled ‘Cloudifacturing’.

The Centre for Parallel Computing, which previously worked on the COLA research project aimed at boosting European enterprises’ competitiveness globally, will kick-off on 1 October their latest research project ‘Cloudifacturing’, which has been funded by the European Commission.

‘Cloudifacturing’, a logical continuation of the CPC’s previous CloudSME project, is an €8.7 million project which will run until 2021. The platform will bring and progress advanced information and communications technology in the field of cloud-based modelling and simulation, data analytics for online factory data, and real-time support to European manufacturing SMEs. The project will aim at contributing to European and UK manufacturing SMEs’s competitiveness and resource efficiency via optimising production processes and productibility.

The project will involve up to 60 European manufacturing SMEs and will develop over 20 cross-national application experiments based on the innovative technology it creates.

The Westminster team has been led by Dr Tamas Kiss, with major contributions from Professor Gabor Terstyanszky, Dr Gabriele Pierantoni, Dr Antonis Michalas and Huseyin Dagdeviren from the Department of Computer Science in Westminster’s Faculty of Science and Technology.

Principal investigator Dr Tamas Kiss said about the project: "The Cloudifacturing project provides an excellent opportunity to further enhance the impact of our research on the European manufacturing sector, and to further increase the University’s reputation as a leading centre of excellence in cloud-based simulation."

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