Dr Catherine Loveday, Psychology Lecturer at the University, is having some of her work displayed at the States of Mind exhibition at The Wellcome Trust.

The States of Mind exhibition looks at how the mind works in unusual states, such as synaesthesia, sleepwalking, memory loss and anaesthesia. The work, which was produced by Dr Catherine Loveday in collaboration with other Psychology academics Martin Conway and Shona Illingworth, will be exhibited in the museum.

The exhibition is split into four categories: 'science and soul', exploring the history of neuroscience, 'sleep and awake', which looks at phenomena like sleep walking and sleep paralysis, 'language and memory', which looks at the relationship between learning language and finding you identity, and 'being and not being' which is about unconsciousness.

Speaking about the exhibition, Dr Loveday said: “I feel very honoured to be contributing to the States of Mind exhibition. Working in a collaborative arts-science team has been a real eye-opener for me – it has fundamentally changed my practice in a very positive way and given me an important new perspective on memory and amnesia.”

Along with being a Principal Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, Dr Catherine Loveday has also written a book. The Secret World of the Brain is due out in the UK in August.

Throughout her career, Dr Loveday has focussed her studies on memory as well as other topics such as the effect of music on the brain. The States of Mind exhibition at The Wellcome Collection is open until 16 October. More of Catherine’s work will be exhibited throughout the year.

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Image credit: Wellcome Library, London

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