80 first-year undergraduate students from Westminster Law School attended a matriculation ceremony on 12 October 2016, marking their formal admission into the University and the start of their undergraduate studies.

The event was also an opportunity for first year students to be welcomed by the senior staff in their faculty, as well as fellow students and former students.

Head of Westminster Law School, Liz Duff, encouraged students to take advantage of all the opportunities provided by their Law degree and the University.

Other speakers also included judge Tan Ikram, Jim Hirschmann, former student and Student Union President and Farah Ali, a former mooting officer. All three speakers talked about the fact that they were not the typical first class student. Tan in particular mentioned that he was a 2.2 student from a polytechnic who little by little qualified as barrister, then got into the judiciary and moved upwards from there. His main, inspirational message was that everyone can succeed in what they want to do if they really work hard for it. Good academics is a bonus, of course, but there is always a successful and satisfying career open to everyone.

A wine and cheese reception concluded what had been a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable occasion for everyone.

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