Angus Mackenzie has recently ‘passed out’ of his 32-week training programme and is now a fully-fledged Royal Marine Commando.

The punishing programme, designed to get recruits to an Olympic standard of fitness in only eight months, culminated in a thirty mile run across Dartmoor, complete with thirty-pound pack and rifle.

Angus spoke proudly about finally realising his childhood ambition to earn one of the famous Green Berets. He said: "The training has seriously been the single most difficult thing I have ever done. There is never an easy day. Every single day you are pushed mentally, physically and emotionally beyond anything I ever anticipated. You are required to operate at extreme physical levels with very little sleep or rest.…the process to earn your Green Beret and become a Commando is, quite literally, the single hardest thing that a young man can try and achieve."

Speaking fondly of this time at Westminster, Angus said that it was "probably the best three years I’ve ever had". He has now been drafted to 40 Commando RM in Taunton, Somerset, where he will soon be deployed on a ship as fleet protection in the South China Sea.

Head of the Department, Dr Martin Doherty said: "We congratulate Angus on his magnificent achievement and are all very proud of him. It just goes to show what young people can achieve with perseverance, stamina and determination. We wish him all the best for a successful military career."

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