The University of Westminster is offering new scholarships for prospective students and has streamlined its scholarship application process.

After a recent in-depth portfolio review combining market analysis, comparative research against other universities and feedback from student experience survey, the University of Westminster is now offering a higher number of valuable awards with a focus on underrepresented students.

Further improvements were made to the Scholarships webpage including a new search tool, enabling prospective students to find the most suitable scholarship. All scholarship application forms will now include guidance notes that offer clarity around eligibility criteria, as well as help to streamline the application process.

For the 2017/18 academic year, assessment times were also reduced by 25 per cent and the University is aiming to improve this even further.

An overseas Equivalency Guide was also published to help prospective applicants determine whether or not they meet the academic criteria required for each of our scholarships. 

From September 2017, scholars have also been able to register for the Volunteering Service via the Career Development Centre’s platform, Engage. This enables them to access hundreds of local volunteering opportunities. They are also able to submit their volunteering forms online via Engage. We always encourage our scholars to get involved in their local community and volunteering is a great way to give back.

The University of Westminster has a long and proud tradition of offering a generous range of scholarships to students from all countries and backgrounds, making higher education a more accessible reality for all.

The University is always looking to expand its scholarship programme by working with new Donors and Partners. If you are interested in donating or getting involved with supporting excellence in need please contact the Development and Alumni Office.

Find out more about the range of scholarships offered at the University of Westminster.

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