Forty students from the Department of Engineering at the University of Westminster visited the BBC as one of a series of industrial visits as part of their course.   

The BBC Tours were split into three separate visits to accommodate the high demand and the large numbers of students from all courses in the Department of Engineering. The visits, organised by Dr Anush Yardim, Industrial Liaison and Placement Tutor who accompanied the students, aimed to show the engineering that goes on behind the scenes and in producing live shows. 

Speaking about the experience, Muther Pola, a student on the Computer Systems Engineering BEng Honours course who visited the BBC said: “I found the engineering room fascinating as we got to see things such as red blue green control and how luminance gets calculated in real time, which we study as systems engineers at the university.”

Relating the visit to his course, he said: “The broadcast room was brilliant as it showed how filtering and signal analysis works for both audio and video, especially as someone who has spent the majority of their degree analysing that, it was enlightening to see it in action.”

“The visit helped introduce the concept of redundancy and how important it is in a live environment to never have down time. For example their backups had backups, and systems to kick in in the event of a complete power failure.”

“This visit gave us great insight into how what we learn gets applied in the real world. Especially how engineering solutions should always aim to satisfy a need in an efficient manner. As after all, engineering is creative problem solving to further a human need.”

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