Over forty Westminster Computer Games Development students had the chance to attend a huge three-day gaming event hosted by the gaming events company WeGeek, called Gaming Utopia 2017.

Gaming Utopia, which took place from 8-10 December, provided the opportunity for game visitors to socialise and play.

The event was organised in a form of a community gathering for gaming publishers to interact with target audience in a unique, intimate and engaging way. 

Students from the Computer Games Developments BSc Honours course had the opportunity to join the event for free and to take part in gaming tournaments, try the latest games from the Virtual Reality industry, attend classes and interact with gaming professionals.

A first year Computer Games Development BSc Honours student said: “There were lots of fun games to play from consoles to board games. It was an enjoyable experience for me and my friends.”

A third year Computer Games Development BSc Honours student added: “Thank you WeGeek for organising this fun, awesome and enjoyable event!”

Speaking about the importance for students to engage in outreach activities such as Utopia 2017, Markos Mentzelopoulos, Course Leader for the Computer Games Development BSc Honours course, said: “Opportunities such as Utopia 2017 organised by WeGeek is the doorstep for our students to reach the games industry, as they have the opportunity to meet with the developers and perform some networking while taking a valuable experience with the state-of-the art technologies and games design principles currently used in the market.”

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