A high-profile research delegation from the University of Westminster’s Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment held a sustainability research workshop at Tsinghua University on 19 April 2015, as part of Tsinghua Architectural Forum.

The Westminster delegation held the event, entitled Interpreting Sustainability, in partnership with representatives from the School of Architecture at Tsinghua University in a move to facilitate strong international research collaboration between the two institutions.

Chaired by the Editor-in-chief and Deputy Editor-in-chief of World Architecture, Professor Zhang Li and Associate Professor Zhou Rong respectively, the interactive workshop explored the themes of Design Intervention and Shaping Cities through Urban Design. The workshop was attended by Tsinghua University staff and students.

While visiting China, the seven-strong Westminster team held an additional joint workshop at Tsinghua University entitled Design Education and Pedagogic Curriculum. They also visited Peking University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (BUCEA), The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Tongji University and Donghua University, strengthening Westminster’s ties with the Chinese higher education institutions.

The University of Westminster research delegation to China included:

  • Professor David Dernie, Dean of Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Dr Nancy Stevenson, International Director of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment and Principal Lecturer in Tourism
  • Professor Nicholas Bailey, Faculty Research Director for Architecture and the Built Environment and Professor of Urban Regeneration
  • Professor Harry Charrington, Head of Department of Architecture
  • Professor Johan Woltjer, Head of Department of Planning and Transport
  • Dr Ben Shaw, Principal Research Fellow in the Policy Studies Institute at the University of Westminster
  • Professor Peter Sharratt, Visiting Professor and Director of Sustainable Business Partnership.

Scientific collaborators from Tsinghua University included:

  • Associate Professor Liu Jian, Associate Dean
  • Professor Xu Weiguo, Head of Department of Architecture
  • Professor Song Yehao, Professor of Building Science
  • Professor Zhang Jie, Professor of Urban Planning
  • Associate Professor Tang Yan, Associate Professor of Urban Planning
  • Associate Professor Wu Dongfan, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture.

Internationalisation is key to the University’s strategic vision and identity. We have extensive connections with universities and industries throughout the world and our Global Engagement Strategy seeks to strengthen and deepen those connections even further. Our international partnerships and teaching support the development of our academic and research portfolios. Experiences that enable our staff and students to operate in an increasingly interconnected, internationalised world are key to our approach.

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