Current Westminster Business Management - Entrepreneurship BA Honours student Pascal Sabatnig showed off his top notch entrepreneurial skills by officially launching a Snapchat geofilter design agency. A geofilter is a design you can overlay onto a photo you take in the Snapchat application.

The start-up company called Geofilter Studio produces outstanding bespoke geofilters for businesses and individuals whilst working with organisations to create integrated Snapchat strategies.

Pascal, the Founder and CEO of Geofilter Studio, came from Austria to Central London to study business at the University of Westminster. Pascal has been developing his passion and skills in graphic design, web design, video and photography during his school years and realised that what he was missing to become successful in his pursuits he needed an entrepreneurial acumen and Westminster was the place to get it.

Pascal Sabatnig

“I knew that I was going to be self-employed and what I was missing from my previous education was knowledge of business. I wanted a mix of theoretical knowledge/teaching and a creative teaching approach. I felt like Westminster offers this especially with the Entrepreneurship pathway and on this course I feel like I still have the freedom I had five years ago in high school when I first started experimenting with ideas and setting up my own company,” he explained.

Geofilter Studio was born out of Pascal’s creative agency SBTG - Design & Media Agency, his interest in Snapchat trends, and the recognition that Snapchat is the fastest growing social media platform.

Speaking of the use of the filters, Pascal said: “It’s becoming super common everywhere that people have a geofilter for their own events, whether that’s their birthday, wedding, baby bridal, girls night out etc. It’s a great thing if all of your friends use Snapchat – you can brand the location you’re using, upload it as a gift to someone or as a surprise.

“Individuals don’t necessarily have the design skills to make something great and yet that’s what they want – because right now everything looks beautiful, it looks perfect. They don’t want just a bad design that their friend made – that’s why we are currently filling up our own online design shop with a variety of different customisable templates,” the young entrepreneur added.

Read the Westminster Business School’s interview with Pascal telling about the process of building the company and advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Geofilter for wedding

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