On Friday, 27 January 2012, WBS celebrated its annual WBS Achievement Awards. The School awarded 70 £1000 achievement awards for academic excellence for its full time students progressing from level 4 to level 5 (a total of 34), and level 5 to level 6 (a total of 36).

Westminster Business School celebrated its academic excellence with a well attended ceremony with the students receiving their awards. The students were presented with a cheque and certificate and we sent a strong signal that Westminster Business School values academic achievement. 

Following the ceremony, staff, students and guests celebrated together and enjoyed refreshments at ‘Time Out’ club. It was a wonderful celebration enjoyed by all. 

In addition to this, here is the letter from one of our students who received the Achievement Award: 

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you and hope you might have an opportunity to inform all involved in ensuring this event transpired know it was greatly appreciated.

Every member of the university projected positivity and I can not recall observing even one member with just an impartial facial expression.

Obviously the financial gain and recognition was pleasing however it was not what was on my mind during my journey home or today.

During the event speeches lifted my spirits providing a sense of optimism in a time of melancholy due to feelings of uncertainty surrounding group work. I have left the event refocused, hopeful and encouraged. I could continue with a long list of positive feelings and thoughts however none will ever capture the true gratitude I hold towards all involved.

So I close with a simple ‘Thank You’ in the hope you understand the words do not truly capture or express my feelings entirely."

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