Following the tremendous success last year, Westminster Business Consultants (WBC) are proud to introduce the new management team for this academic year 2016/17, and are recruiting new students with a deadline on 9 October.

New Managing Director, Jana Skinjova, wants to continue the legacy by building WBC’s growth on the strong foundation laid in the past. She says, “this is a dream that can only be achieved with a team that has one common goal, one set direction and one heart.”

Often confused for a society, WBC is a student-run subsidiary as part of the University of Westminster which launched in 1995, making it the first and oldest Junior Enterprise (JE) in the United Kingdom.

The JE concept is based on ‘learning by doing’, which combines academic theory taught in university and applying it within the world of business. As the previous International Manager, Rety Lubala, so rightly put it “the Junior Enterprise movement is not work; it is a lifestyle with people you consider family.”

In the past 21 years, WBC has worked with numerous multinationals, SMEs and start-ups globally. They provide tailored consultancy services to their clients in areas within Market Research, Performance Improvement, Digital Advisory, Marketing Consultancy and Event Management. This enables students to attain valuable experience while having a ‘safety net’ to learn from their mistakes. The previous Managing Director, Shaurya Pandey, advises Westminster students from different faculties to get involved with WBC as it will “sharpen their skills-set and make their profile distinctive in a global competitive market.”

WBC is not just about working on projects and departments but also focuses on building life-long friendships and a global network. Both Carole Mercier, previous HR Manager, and Oana Damian, previous Marketing Manager, said that one of the most unforgettable things they experienced by being part of WBC was having a personal and professional working relationship with inspiring and like-minded people.

The new management team are dedicated, driven and come with their own personal goals for WBC. WBC’s new HR manager, Aleksandra Zwierzewicz, wishes to make the HR department a more vital part of the company and wants to ensure the students develop professionally during their time as consultants. 

Also for their internal goals, the main goal is to increase the awareness of the JE concept. Joemar Carillo, new Marketing Manager, will address this by keeping WBC “recent, engaging and visible among our social media platforms and our physical presence in the University”. The new International Development manager, Gregorio Davico, aims to boost the JE movement in the UK by leading the creation of a national confederation, as well as to drastically enhance the recognition of WBC at a national and international level.

Shaurya Pandey shares a final message saying "on behalf of our outgoing management team, I believe we've had a very successful year and we wish the best for the new team!”

WBC is currently recruiting new students to join their team for the upcoming academic year. The deadline is 11:59pm on Sunday 9 October 2016.

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