University of Westminster alumnus Faisal J Abbas has been appointed to the prestigious position of Editor-In-Chief at Arab News.

Arab News is the Middle East’s leading English-language daily newspaper. Founded in 1975, it was Saudi Arabia’s first English-language newspaper to provide a Saudi perspective on national, regional and global issues. It can now be found in newsstands throughout the Middle East, as well as online where the website receives hundreds of thousands of hits every day.

Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Mohamad bin Farhan Al-Saud, the Chairman of Saudi Research and Marketing Group (SMRG) which produces the magazine, said: “Faisal Abbas is among the most prominent Saudi journalists on the international scene; he brings an impressive track record of successful media brands re-launching as well as expanding newsroom operations.”

Faisal graduated from the Westminster Business School at the University of Westminster with a Masters in Marketing Communications in 2010. Prior to this, he majored in business at the Lebanese American University in 2003. His successful career has seen him as media editor at SRMG’s London-based Pan-Arab daily, a senior Middle East correspondent for the International Resource Journal and a blogger with the Huffington Post. Prior to joining Arab News, Faisal was editor-in-chief of Al-Arabiya New Channels’ digital English service.

Faisal told us: “I have been granted a chance to go back home and be a part of perhaps the most exciting time the country has gone through in decades; for a journalist like me there could be no better time to be in Saudi Arabia than now to witness and report on the massive transformation the country is undergoing.”

Of his time at Westminster, Faisal said: “I was looking for a course that would essentially help me become a manager, which is something I ended up doing both at Al Arabiya English and most recently at Arab News. Looking back, the Marketing Communications MA course was ideal. It included elements of management which came very handy in my job later.”

His advice for current students is, “Find out what you are passionate about and pursue it at any cost; don’t let anyone convince you it can’t or shouldn’t be done. Secondly, believe in yourself. To be able to create impact, you must be able to make people believe in you and you simply can’t achieve that if you don’t believe in yourself.”

You can read the full interview in the alumni blog post The new editor-in-chief of Arab News talks populism, fake news and Brexit.

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