Lucy Earl, who graduated from the Marketing Communications BA course in July 2016, has created an English language tutorial YouTube channel, English with Lucy, which has now reached 300.000 subscribers in just one year.

Lucy started her YouTube channel in January 2016, whilst completing her final year at the University of Westminster. Passionate about teaching English, she had been running English courses in her spare time and noticed a gap in the market for videos that teach English as a second language in a fun and accessible way. She decided to direct her passion for teaching English into the creation of her own YouTube channel offering tips on English grammar and pronunciation, and listening practice lessons.

Lucy’s YouTube channel has become her full time job allowing her to work with renowned brands such as Nespresso, Italki and Lingoda. Every week, she pitches ideas to marketing directors from a wide range of different brands.

Lucy’s success is an inspirational example of what you can achieve by following your personal passions and taking some risks along the way. She explained: “It's a business that I started completely from scratch with a £500 business loan from my dad, paid back with interest, of course, and has now a pretty significant turnover. It was a huge step for me to say no to the grad schemes and yes to going at it alone, but it was the best thing I ever did. Every day I get to work with everything I'm passionate about with total creative control, marketing, social media and the English language.” 

Lucy’s channel has now reached 300,000 subscribers. It is also growing by 2000-6000 subscribers per day and getting an average of two million monthly views.

Alongside her YouTube Channel, Lucy connects with her 300,000 “Lucyfers” on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Patreon. She shared her gratitude to the University for the support she received during her course as tutors supported her personal goals and helped her to research vlogging and find suitable internships.

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