With an article on how distracting your mind from your daily work can make boost your achievement, Ruth Sacks at Westminster Business School was published in the Guardian’s series on Women in Leadership. 

Ruth Sacks, programme director of Women for the Board, wrote an article for the Guardian’s Women in Leadership series, in which she aims to inspire women to try some out of the ordinary activities away from daily work that can bring a fresh perspective and focus.

Ruth explains how being introduced to images, languages or sounds that she has never seen or heard before through music and art helps her refresh her mind and shift her perspective.

Whether the activity is learning to play a new instrument, taking an evening class or to going to art exhibitions, this can be way of enhancing your mood and stimulate creativity in different areas – something that Ruth and her colleagues have been able to channel back into their daily work in other ways. In her article, Ruth says: “It’s the excuse I need to surprise my brain out of its habitual approaches to work and life. It’s time to explore different ideas. To vary my perspective.”

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