Senior Lecturer in Digital Storytelling, Dr Massimiliano Fusari discussed visual journalism and digital content at a public talk for a BBC-run panel.

It is estimated that more images were produced in 2017 than throughout the whole history of photography up to 2007. At the Digital Journalism Day Dr Massimiliano Fusari posed questions on how to produce digital content for visual journalism, what form is best, what is it used for and why use visual content?  

Dr Fusari made recommendations based on the strategic usage of montage which can plot digital data into finalised visual journalism. Through montage, journalists can transform a poor image into a strong one, connects the dots and create a story from distinct images. He argued that montage as communication empowers interactive storytelling 

Dr Fusari presented two formats that can be used to support visual storytelling, Westminster’s Interactive Storytelling course and the Meta-Image mobile app. Through both of these platforms, Dr Fusari aims to establish active partnerships with different audiences visiting the same digital platform, produce and communicate visual journalism strategically for multiple audiences.

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