Dr Mohammed Gulrez Zariwala, lecturer in physiology at the University of Westminster, has received a grant for £161,000 to fund research into type 2 diabetes. 

The research will focus on countries in Asia, as almost 60% of type 2 diabetes diagnoses are made in that region. The research will combine molecular studies with pharmaceutical science.

The £161,000 studentship grant was awarded to PhD student Voni Blessia by the Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education, enabling her to join the University as part of the scholarship. This research, being conducted by the University of Westminster, was selected because of the quality of the proposal and its relevance to Indonesian healthcare.

The project is led by Dr Mohammed Gulrez Zariwala, along with Dr Vinood Patel, who is Reader in the Department of Biomedical Sciences.

Speaking about the project, Dr Mohammed Gulrez Zariwala said: “The multidisciplinary research approach employed in this project will combine molecular studies of type 2 diabetes with nanotechnology-based formulation studies conducted alongside our collaborators at UCL’s School of Pharmacy and Reading University.

“This combination of research expertise may lead to a better understanding of mechanisms underlying the disease and expedite the development of novel therapeutic strategies.”

Voni Blessia said: “The Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education is a very prestigious Indonesian government scheme and I feel honoured to be given this opportunity.

I am passionate about this project, as research in type 2 diabetes is vital to Indonesia – I come from Papau and rural Indonesia, which has one of the highest incidence rates for diabetes in the world.”

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