If you're interested in a career in finance, take the BAT test and join the Bloomberg's Global Network to connect with over 20,000 finance employers.
Date/Time: 30 October 2013, 2-4pm
Venue: Marylebone campus, Luxborough building, computer room B16

The BAT is a multiple-choice exam designed to assess your aptitude for business and finance. You don't need to prepare or have a background in finance to do well in this test, as the questions will evaluate your ability rather than your knowledge in the area.

After taking the test, your scores will be entered anonymously into the BAT database, where over 20,000 top firms search for candidates for roles in areas such as consultancy, accounting, insurance, compliance, research and development, investment banking, sales, HR, trading, marketing, analytics and global data.

If you take the test you will also enjoy other benefits such as a six-month subscription to Bloomberg's premium newsletter, Bloomberg Briefs. This publication will provide you with insights into the industry and keep you up-to-date on current events.

Register now and don’t miss your opportunity to be contacted by great employers worldwide!

If you can't attend the session on 30 October, you can also register online and take the BAT from home.

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