WBS awarded CET Grant for online curation service

The Commercial Education Trust (http://www.lccicet.com) has awarded WBS a grant to develop and launch an online curation service, aimed at improving the quality of secondary school teaching of economics, business and enterprise. The ‘curation’ project led by Karen Kufuor, Senior Lecturer in EQM, will provide a free, widely accessible, interactive online service that will furnish teachers with information and topical materials for use in the classroom, and support their own professional development.

As online curators, WBS will provide topic-specific updates which economics and business teachers can follow online, through whatever interface they choose. The service is expected to improve the quality of teaching provision and, as a result, improve the learning outcomes amongst secondary school children.

A small demonstration of how the platform can be used can be viewed here: http://www.scoop.it/t/producing-engaging-online-content


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