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StudySpark will provide staff and students with an interactive app to enhance their study and ultimately their marks by providing a collection of bite-sized learning units grouped together by theme to help students to learn better.

Short, fun, activities that students can dip in and out of when they want will provide insight and tips on how to improve marks by improving key skills simply and easily – topics such as referencing, time management, composing essays, basic maths, presentation skills, understanding feedback and others! The basic tool embeds text, videos and provides a menu of short activities to allow content builders to develop short, self contained learning units explaining, demonstrating and evaluating key learning skills.

The focus will be on providing extra help aimed at students who need it most, such as those whose learning difficulties mean that they need extra support in these areas.

The team consists of Laura Boubert, Patrick Kimmitt, Trudi Edginton, Federical Oradini, Alison Fixsen, Daniela De Silva and Kiu Sum.

Vote now to help the team win funding

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