European students with English as a foreign language required to help the University pilot tests in English.

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Time/date: Friday 30 March at 1.30pm

Venue: The Pavilion, New Cavendish Street & UG.05, Regent Street (you will be assigned to a room depending on your level of English)

We are looking for students with a CEFR / TOEFL / IELTS result (or equivalent) to sit a Reading and Listening test in English.

You will receive a £15 iTunes voucher upon completion of the test.

Book your place now by emailing:

Natasha Ribeiro at [email protected]

Fiona Daniels at [email protected]

Please include the following details in your email:

  • full name
  • nationality
  • first language (mother tongue)
  • male / female
  • age
  • highest educational level attained
  • most recent IELTS score and date of test.

Press and media enquiries

Contact us on:

[email protected]