University of Westminster Media, Arts and Design alumna wins the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation Award in her endeavor to ‘create something new’.

British photographer Vanessa Winship is the first woman to be awarded this prestigious award, amongst legendary peers such as Martine Franck and Robert Delpire. Vanessa studied Film, Video and Photographic Arts BA Honours degree at the School of Media, Arts and Design at the University of Westminster. She was offered €30,000 and two years to assist her creative journey of capturing ordinary lives and landscapes chosen at random in America. Vanessa’s artistic choice, although allowed ‘to evolve gradually’, revolved around a deliberate choice of characters and locations across the vast land of the USA.

Her work titled ‘Vanessa Winship: She Dances on Jackson’ is published and exhibited in Paris, at the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation, 15 May – 28 July 2013.

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