Dr Sally Parsonage, Course Leader of Sport and Exercise Nutrition MSc in the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Westminster, will provide medical help and nutrition advice throughout the first ever women’s crew of eight to row across the Atlantic Ocean.

The eight athletes will row 3,000 miles unassisted across the Atlantic Ocean, aiming to break the world record of 31 days. The 30-day barrier has never been broken. Not stopping for the entire crossing, four of the crew will row while the other four refuel: two hours on, two hours off for 30 days.

The 45ft monohull boat has been built for success, weighing over one hundred kilos less than any other eight-man boat built before. The eight women rowers, all experienced athletes in various disciplines, will face tough weather conditions as well as the ever looming 30ft swells of the mid Atlantic. Cramped sleeping quarters, little opportunity to walk and very limited cooking facilities will test the crew’s determination both physically and mentally.

Dr Parsonage’s work is essential in ensuring that the athletes receive all the right nutrition supplements and assistance they need in order to get through such a challenging experience.

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