Forty-two successful projects aimed at improving student experience at the University of Westminster were funded the Quintin Hogg Trust (QHT) in the 2017-18 academic year.

This year, a diverse range of projects encouraged students to gain practical experience and enhance their employability. The Westminster Menswear Archive is an example of a new and innovative project, aimed at developing the study of menswear design from a technical and functional perspective. It will strive to inform and inspire students, researchers and industry professionals, supporting their creativity and continued learning in fashion and related disciplines.

The Trust has continued to support meaningful programmes including Westminster Working Cultures, Distant Horizons and The Polylang Scholarship Scheme, allowing students from across all subject areas to gain international experience, broaden their global outlook and acquire invaluable skills for life after university.

A key contribution of the Trust was the development of Smart Learning Spaces, an initiative to create new active student centred learning spaces transformed from traditional classrooms. This project is running for the second year and will encourage an increased level of human interaction between tutors and their students through the use of advanced IT resources and flexible furniture. When not in use by tutor facilitated classes, the spaces will provide a new environment for groups of students for their informal and out of classroom learning.

Professor Gunter Saunders, Associate Director Digital Engagement and Library Services and leader of the SMART Learning Spaces project said: “With Quintin Hogg Trust support over the last two years, the University has been able to develop some fantastic new learning facilities. This has included the recent commissioning of two so-called Active Learning Spaces (ALs), specifically designed to support collaborative group work.

“The ALs have some great technology within them to support active student centred learning. Students can also use the digitally enabled group tables within the ALs for informal learning sessions when classes are not timetabled into the space. The Quintin Hogg Trust has already agreed to support the creation of similar rooms in each of the university’s other major buildings during the 2018/19 academic year.”

QHT funded classroom

The university also enjoyed modernisation of Photography studios, bringing them in line with current industry standards. New equipment was fully installed and displayed at Open Days, proving hugely popular among students and visitors. Another successful year of FAB FEST was celebrated, which this year included a robotic arm as a fabrication method for the first time. All these engaging projects, events and activities help in maximizing value and potential for our students, researchers and industry partners.

Jordan Scammell, Development Team Manager, also commented on this successful series of projects: “It’s been a privilege to work with colleagues from across the institution who have been committed to implementing an eclectic portfolio of projects which have been so generously funded by The Quintin Hogg Trust. It’s thanks to our colleagues’ commitment and expertise that projects have been delivered in a structured and transformational way which has seen improvements to the University’s equipment and facilities and even more programmes available for students to participate in to improve their employability. We are indebted to the Trust for their ongoing support.”

Dr Ann Rumpus, a Trustee and Chairman elect of the QHT’s Grants Committee, said: “The Trustees were delighted to support such a diverse range of worthwhile projects. The Trust is most proud to be able to finance projects, which directly enhance students’ studies. On behalf of the Trust, I would like to express my thanks to project leads and all those involved in delivery of these 42 projects. A considerable amount of hard work has gone into them over the year. 

“We are particularly grateful to Chris, Jordan and the team for all they have done to ensure the smooth administration of our grant programme and we look forward to supporting an extensive range of new and continuing projects over the coming year.”

The Quintin Hogg Trust, set up in 1903 in memory of Quintin Hogg, Founder of the Regent Street Polytechnic (now University of Westminster), has a unique relationship with the University. Its sole purpose aims at supporting the advancement of education for students, through funding a broad range of projects and activities proposed by University staff and students.

The projects were coordinated by the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO), contributing to the improvement of the University’s facilities, supporting academic research and enhancing students’ overall experience.

The next round of applications

Applications for projects commencing in the 2019/20 academic year will open in January 2019. A series of workshops will be held ahead of this by the Development Team to support the application process. Details of these workshops will be announced in due course.

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