Thirty successful projects enhancing student experience at the University of Westminster were funded by £3.2 million worth of grants from the Quintin Hogg Trust (QHT) in the 2016-17 academic year.

The projects which contributed to the improvement of the University’s facilities and supported academic research were managed by the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO).

Diverse projects such as organised fieldtrips and 125 Fund events particularly helped students to gain further professional experience and enhance their employability for their future careers. Some also contributed to the development of blended learning through interactive events such as the International Competition in Synthetic Biology (iGEM) allowing students to develop their skills in different learning approaches.

The University facilities were also improved thanks to the QHT which contributed to the development of Smart Learning Spaces which are new active student centred learning spaces transformed from traditional classrooms. A number of new academic platforms focusing on research, including the Westminster Institute of Advanced Studies, were also created in order to give students more opportunities to develop critical thinking skills.

FAB FEST, a week-long fabrication festival, was one of the very successful projects this year, which enabled students from the Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment to design 50 pavilions under the supervision of mentoring experts. The pavilions were then exhibited to the public at the open festival.

Dr David Scott, Director of Westminster Fabrication Laboratory and leader of the FAB FEST project, said: “Through FAB FEST, teams of students from Westminster competed with invited international teams to build the best pavilion from cardboard. Students gained a unique learning experience of design and construction, working in a design team with architects from London practices. They created a festival that celebrated the work, engaged with general public, and made global connections for the University. But it could only have been possible through the generous support of the Quintin Hogg Trust.”


Chris Smith, Director of Development and Alumni Relations Office, said about this successful series of projects: “We are extremely thankful to The Quintin Hogg Trust for their generosity, which made all of these projects possible. The range of innovative projects supported, clearly demonstrates the University’s ability to think differently to deliver cutting-edge experiences to our students, as well as the Trust’s appreciation of the importance of this breadth of work. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the Trust in the new academic year - and beyond - to deliver even more projects to improve our students’ learning experience during their time with us at Westminster.”

Bojan Fligler, who oversees the portfolio of funded projects in the Development and Alumni Relations Office, stated: “It’s been incredibly rewarding to follow the success of the projects and to hear the wide-ranging impact made to the student experience. The University would like to thank and acknowledge the QHT for their generous support and commitment, without which key projects could not have been completed.”

In the 2017-18 academic year, 43 projects will be supported by the Quintin Hogg Trust ensuring a continuous enhancement of the University’s environment.

John Gibbons, Secretary to the QH Trustees, said: “The Trustees are delighted to be able to fund such a wide range of worthwhile projects. Too many to mention them all here but they find it particularly rewarding to be able to support students to undertake research and to participate in a range of field trips, events and placements both within the UK and abroad. 

“The Trust is also pleased to be able to fund scholarships and help for students with their learning and living expenses without which some might otherwise have difficulty continuing their studies at Westminster.

“The Trustees would like to thank all project sponsors and leads who have put so much into these projects. Thanks also to Chris, Bojan and the DARO team who have managed the grant funding process at the University’s end."

The Quintin Hogg Trust and Memorial Fund have recently launched their new website where you are able to find out more about the unique way they support students at Westminster.

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