The Sustainability Team at the University of Westminster hosted a free Bicycle Breakfast on 17 June, which aimed to promote cycling.

At the event, people were offered free breakfast snacks and coffee, in return for cycling tips, advice and videos. These contributions will eventually be published in order to inspire people to start cycling.

The Bike Breakfast was organised by the University of Westminster’s Corporate Social Responsibility team. One of the organisers, Suzana Kolodziejczyk, said: “I'm really glad that we've got a decent amount of participants and found out that there are a lot of people who actually cycle to university and their work places.

“We got a lot of people who did sign up for the newsletter and therefore they can be up to date about our future sustainable events. Hopefully I'll get a chance to organise more of the Bike Breakfasts as many of the participants were really interested in having it once a month as a social cycling event.”

The event was organised as part of Bike Week 2016, which is a national initiative which aims to promote the environmental, health and social benefits of cycling. Bike week ran from 11–19 June 2016, and included events across the country.

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