Students studying music and audio production at the University of Westminster have access to a new audio recording facility that incorporates equipment only available at this University within Europe and some of the most technologically advanced pro audio equipment found at any university in the world.

Leading pro-audio technology publication Audio Media International said that the facility was “a clear sign of how far pro-audio education has progressed”.

The new facility located on the University's Harrow campus includes a large control room that can accommodate up to 25 students. In addition to a 5.1 surround sound monitoring system featuring PMC twotwo.8 loudspeaker monitors, the new studio is equipped with an SSL Duality console and the first pair of PMC’s new QB1 Active (QB1-A) ultra-high-resolution studio monitors which are exclusive to the University of Westminster in Europe being the first ones installed on the continent.

Adjacent to the control room is an equally large live room with variable acoustics. This also has PMC twotwo.8 monitors in a 5.1 configuration that can be used by students studying audio techniques for television, film as well as computer games. The control room is permanently linked to the University's existing live spaces, including its large performance venue so that concerts and performances can be recorded.

Alan Fisher, previously acting Dean and Head of the University's Department of Music, and now Visiting Fellow at the University, says: "Our philosophy is to only introduce students to equipment that is industry standard. We realised that we needed an acoustically accurate recording studio that was of sufficient size to accommodate a large group of students. The University of Westminster now has a facility that is easily on a par with commercial recording studios, enabling us to educate students the techniques and skills they need to progress in the real world."

The new SSL Control Room incorporates the 48-channel Duality console, a machine room, live area, vocal/drum booth, three rehearsal rooms, two performance rooms, a fully equipped live venue and two further spaces allocated for future use and expansion.

The equipment was sourced and supplied by Yan Gilbert-Miguet and Neil Boia of Academia. The facility was designed by Peter Keeling of Studio People, and constructed by his team alongside Langdale Technical Consulting who looked after the technical install.

Langdale Director Bill Ward said: "We designed a complex multi-room system and I have to say the University of Westminster now has in its possession one of the finest audio recording facilities to be found at any university in the world."

The University also invested in more Tubetech equipment and has added to its stock of Prism Sound conversion, increasing the number of multichannel converters it owns from three to nine.

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