The University of Westminster hosted the launch of the preliminary results of a world-leading research project into the experience of LGBT+ Barristers on Monday 25 September. 

The event, entitled “Sexuality at the Bar: An Empirical Exploration into the Experiences of LGBT+ Barristers in England & Wales”, was co-organised by Westminster Law School, the UCL Centre for Ethics and Law, and 29 Bedford Row Chambers.

The two researchers, Marc Mason (cover picture), Senior Lecturer at the Westminster Law School, in collaboration with Dr Steven Vaughan, Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Law at University College London, presented their findings and engaged in discussions with a group of of invited panellists including Barristers and Law experts.

The research project, the first of its kind, sought to understand the career experiences of LGBT+ barristers, asking them about the extent to which (if at all) their sexuality has impacted on their legal practice, and to explore the role and function of LGBT+ support networks for barristers.

Speaking about his work, Researcher and Senior Lecturer Marc Mason said: “We were delighted with the level of response to our research, as it has enabled us to generate some really fascinating and useful data around the way the issues of sexuality, and to some degree gender identity, are dealt with at the Bar. Whilst the Bar is a relatively small profession in terms of numbers, it is widely considered an influential elite and therefore diversity issues such as access and representation become even more important. We hope that the research findings will be useful to the profession and to those concerned with equality and diversity more broadly."

The University of Westminster constantly endeavours to respect and value diversity within our communities of staff, students and alumni, to promote equality of opportunity, and to challenge and strive to eliminate unlawful discrimination.

Read Marc and Steven's research paper. 

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