The University of Westminster, in conjunction with the National Association of Students of Architecture, India, is hosting the second annual international design competition for architecture students across South Asia.

The 2013-14 competition focuses on the issues and prospects of rapidly growing green-field developments and neighbourhoods within suburban areas of India. It encourages students to group together and explores how these suburban developments could be designed sustainably and respond contextually to climate change. Students must also consider looking beyond the physical structure of buildings and focus on the issues associated with people and architecture with particular emphasis on urban design, sustainability, development and planning.

The key theme of this year’s competition is “Latitudes” and the organisers have set a design challenge which covers the various climatic zones of India and calls for climatic response design. For students taking part, this is an opportunity to demonstrate an interest in and awareness of fields such as sustainable design, urban design, city planning and infrastructure planning and how these can work together with architecture in day-to-day practice.

David Dernie, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the University of Westminster, says: “This international competition is a unique opportunity for architecture students in South Asia to offer a showcase of their expertise and designs to the rest of the world and provides an ideal platform for them to reach the wider community of architecture students and academic institutions.

“The competition introduces an international learning dimension to a long standing student organisation in India. The University of Westminster has already established a strong international presence and this partnership with the National Association of Students of Architecture provides yet another opportunity to build on our work with universities across South Asia and to build a framework to support future co-operation and partnerships for the benefit of our students and academic research.”

National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA) provides an interactive platform for students all over India by holding conventions both at the national and regional levels.

The design competition is a collaborative effort by the Association and the University of Westminster, London. The University of Westminster is one of United Kingdom’s leading centres for the study of Architecture and the Built Environment, covering core subject areas that address the future shape of our cities. Internationalism, employability and sustainability are key elements in the University of Westminster’s vision for the future. Interdisciplinary learning within the fields of Architecture, Property and Construction, Tourism, Transport and Urban are practiced at the Faculty.

The competition is open to undergraduate students of member colleges/institutions of the NASA. As part of the prize, the University of Westminster will fund a trip to London for the winning team to showcase their design at the annual University of Westminster end of year exhibition.

More information can be found on the NASA website. The deadline for entries is 18 November 2013.

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