A Model United Nations Conference, called WestMUN took place for the fourth time with the support of UWSU, the Department of Politics and International Relations, Westminster Law School and the UNA-UK.

The conference, which is organised annually by the WestMUN Society, hosted 50 delegates and chairs with guests coming from the Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT), University of East Anglia, Queen Mary University, and the University of Kent.

The delegates were split into four committees: Security Council, The Disarmament and International Security Committee, United Nations Economic and Social Council, United Nations Human Rights Committee. They discussed topics ranging from the involvement of the West in the Middle Eastern and South China Sea conflicts. Speaking at the event were Ethel Tambudzai, Women's Liberation Officer for the UWSU and graduate Harress Jallali, who talked about his experience as an intern at the UNA-UK.

David Ramirez, a Finance Officer at WestMUN Society and third-year student in International Relations, said: "Westminster Model United Nations is more than just a simple society. It is hard work, it is interaction, it is an enjoyable process as well as an unforgettable experience. WestMUN is helping individuals to understand and to prepare global situations in our globalised world. This society is possible due to the multiculturality of the University of Westminster. Finally, I would like to thank our Honourable Delegates, the Politics and International Relations Department, and the Law Department because of their support. It has been a pleasure to work for and with WestMUN."  

The international conference, which is a simulation of the debates and decision-making processes of the United Nations, was organised by the student board of the WestMUN Society with students across all disciplines from the University taking various positions in the Society. WestMUN conferences provide the opportunity for students to become representatives of a country. Participants engage in diplomatic roles in active committee simulations tackling controversial global issues. The WestMUN Society also gives the opportunity for students to network and travel with others from a range of international backgrounds.

Nicole El-Helou, President of the WestMUN Society and a third-year English Language and Literature student, said: "Model UN has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have been involved since I was 14, attending various conferences as both a chair and delegate. Coming to the University of Westminster, I have continued my MUN journey and am grateful to have been appointed President of the society, and Secretary General of the 1V International Model UN Conference. I have seen students who were too shy to approach our Freshers Fair stand, suddenly become interactive and outspoken delegates and taking on the policies of their assigned countries. The same has happened with delegates at the conference. It is extremely fulfilling to watch students partake in these activities and network with students from other universities and countries, and I hope this continues at Westminster for many more years."

Being connected is at the heart of the University of Westminster’s values. We believe collaboration and connectivity across our different disciplines and throughout the world, are key steps to building a generation of highly employed global citizens.

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