The Department of History, Sociology and Criminology hosted a meeting of the Education, Mobility, Lifelong-Learning and Training (EMLT) project with partner universities in Turkey, Czechia and Germany. The project is funded by Erasmus+ and brings together academics and Turkish Ministries of Commerce and Lifelong-Learning to evaluate the education and skills mismatch between graduates and the labour market in the partner countries. 

Opening the meeting, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Global Engagement, Professor Alexandra Hughes spoke about the importance Westminster places on internationalisation:

“The University of Westminster is a diverse and multicultural community, located in a world city, with students and staff from across the globe. Enabling our students to gain experiences that help them to become global citizens adept at operating in an increasingly interconnected, internationalised world is one of my top priorities – so too is building further on the network of international connections that the University enjoys and that enrich the cultural and intellectual life of our institution…”

The EMLT project assesses the extent of mismatch between degree subjects and current employment by finding out if their alumni are working at a graduate level, if their job relates to their degree subject and how this affects their job satisfaction. It also measures their satisfaction with their degree and university experience in preparing them for the labour market.  

Preliminary findings from the survey conducted by the University of Westminster and partner universities revealed that 69% of University of Westminster alumni reported that they were in jobs closely related to their degree and this was reflected in high levels of job satisfaction (79%) but given the choice, less than a third would choose the same job. Moreover, two thirds felt it was difficult to get a graduate job related to their subject. Almost half of our alumni agreed that university had prepared them for graduate employment and 74% felt that going to university was worth it in terms of getting a career. 

The EMLT team have designed a suite of distance-learning modules to develop employability skills at graduate level. If you are a current student or recent alumni and wish to improve your employability skills, you can register now for the modules.  Please contact Dr Celia Jenkins on [email protected] for more information or visit the website.

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